Truett Baptist Association

Doing whatever it takes, to reach one more for Christ !

Who Are We?

The Truett Baptist Association is a group of 61 Southern Baptist Churches.  We are located in the Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina (Cherokee, Clay and part of Graham county).  We have banded together for the purpose of missions, evangelism, ministry, education and fellowship.  Our function is to be an enabler, encourager and edifier of the churches.

Though the Truett Baptist Association is only 50 years old, it’s history dates back to the 1850’s as part of the West Liberty and Western Carolina Associations.  In 1970, these two Associations united to form the Truett Baptist Association.

In the history of this Association, there have been four Directors of Missions.  They are:  Fred Lunsford, Chester Jones, Mitchell Shields and Al Hood. The initial mission and vision of the Association has expanded and changed thru the years.  It will continue to so in order to meet the needs of our churches and the world around us that we attempt to reach.

Our overarching goal is to do “Whatever it takes, to reach one more for Christ“.


Located at 2235 NC Hwy 141
Marble, NC 28905
Telephone:  828-837-5401

 Office Hours:

Monday thru Thursday:  8:30 AM to 4:30 PM    
Office is closed on Friday, Saturday
and Sunday

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